Circle of Desire
In 1971, renowned Bangladeshi writer Ahmed became refugee in Kolkata. He had been to earn his livelihood as a writer. Then he comes to know about his missing fiancé named Tayeba admitted in a nearby hospital in the same city. Ahmed devotes himself to the duties of his workplace and duties as a writer of a country already demolished by war. Tayeba is dying in cancer and admitted as a refugee in the hospital. This turns Ahmed worried and frustrated as days go by. War, illness, responsibilities and realizations forced the writer’s breath to stop over and over again. But Ahmed disagrees to hurdle life and its flow because a war always has its own way as well as life has its own. War turns epidemic capitalizing all of its devastating power. Papers get filled one by one with the alphabets of history. Life runs parallel to time and a pair of eyes restlessly looks for visions in the horizon of time with all their observing abilities.